Moriarty the patriot boyfriend scenarios常用命令整理(git)1、git篇(1)安装git(2)配置(3)使用(4)基础概念1、git篇(1)安装git# 查看git版本git --version(2)配置# --system# --global:针对当前用户# --local:针对某个仓库git config --global "your_username" # --global 选项对系统上所有仓库生效,去掉该参数只对当前仓库有效git config --global ... My boyfriend bl series- Update: Pull file workaround for /system /data files when ADB Pull fails because of semi-rooted device and permission denied - file copied to sdcard and then copied automatically 1.7 - Binaries moved to bin dir, aapt added - APK Icon and metadata support added, new fsplugin.ini variable to disable APK download and icon extraction